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My Opinion about Less Voting in elections of Pune

1.There is no awareness in students community about the new rule which makes them eligible to vote in the city where they are studying. (Pune has more than 2.10 lakhs student population who comes from outside to study)

2.Some of the colleges were not aware of issuing a certificate required for the same ,while submitting the documents to the collector office.

3.Neither university or college has issued any such notice regarding or in attempt to create such awareness among students community.

The university through respective college should make awareness of this rule and probably ask students to register for voting and then only admit cards will be issued like the pune university has recently made course on terrorism compulsory without which student cannot take the degree certificate.

4.It was also found that software list on Internet were update of only till July which was nowhere clearly mentioned on the site nor due publicity of updated till when was not written ,as a result those voters had their names in supplement lists could not vote.

5.The supplement lists were not with party helpline bearers outside polling booths which resulted into a great loss of many voters going away from the booths without actually checking the supplement lists available at the booth.

6.Lot of website providing voter list information also creates a confusion among voters.

7.The time choosen for election dates was very close to examination of bba/bca/bsc/bcom students and it was preparatory leave time for most of engineering students thereby they had left pune much before the d-day.

Do we have an Youth minister who is young in our country ?

We had the youth & sports ministry together for so many long years, does that mean we consider youth meant only for sports or they have a role to play in nation’s development.

Involvement of Youth in making the polices for the society is need of an hour is a common united statement said by almost all political parties thanks to the voting rights which has made many youth voters eligible to vote this time. Every candidate standing for an election in India now realizes the power in Youth Votes.

Question is realization of this power. can it make a difference and bring a change which is needed for our country?

Today we see many of the candidates who are contesting election are Youth but does youth only mean politicians,businessman’s son or daughter or there is something more than that?

Does our country have an Youth definition ,can youth be defined in terms of age criteria.

I have no doubts in mind that the present scene of Youth being projected as Leaders is just a hype and nothing more ,if there has to be change it has to be at least 50% of the candidates across the parties standing in election should be real youth.

Today youth in politics are part and parcel of Youth wings ,time has come to think does really youth in politics means Youth Wing or Main Execution Wing.

When we compare ourselves with USA where a 22 year old boy designs a campaign for President Obama,27 year old girl writes speeches for him. Do we have such faith in our younger generation.

When High profile youth of Nation Mr.Rahul Gandhi,Mr.Milind Deora,Mr.Pilot,Mr.scindia gets less time to raise their opinions and issues in parliament do we expect a normal Youth without a background can raise his voice against the polices .

When the youth polices are decided by the old people then do you expect change?

Can every youth from grassroots level become a leader like Late Pramod Mahajan?

infact answer is very few that is the reason why all us say Mr.Pramod Mahajan was from grassroots.

Its time to think do we really mean youth in decision making or youth in vote making ?

Youth should always give solutions rather than complaints here are some of my recommendations:


• The age criteria of youth should be 13 to 30. (The current outer age limit of 35 years is too high as people over 30 have a range of concerns that younger people may not be facing to the same extent, e.g. looking after the family, career aspirations, etc)

• The youth minister should be younger than 45 years since youth interests should be represented by younger adults, wherever possible, particularly because today the younger generation operates in a rapidly changing environment.

• Create a national youth commission, comprising of young people, to take responsibility for looking after the perspective of youth and reviewing programs and policies across all sectors from the youth perspective.

• Ensure that the national youth commission is effectively linked into policy making and policy implementation processes at different levels of government.

• Secure funds and other resources for training and creating new, innovative and phased opportunities for youth engagement in active citizenship

• Establish a youth action fund that will provide systems and training programs for human resources development and active citizenship in the youth sector.

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